Balmoral Hotel Master*Chef #WeAreFeile2019 

Danny Millar presents Professional Master*Chef competition in association with Stix & Stones Belfast.

There is a crisis in the hospitality industry and it is estimated that that there is a shortage of 2000 chefs currently in the North.
While others highlight the crisis in the profession we are doing something about it by showcasing the existing local talent and wonderful local produce and thus encouraging young people to choose being a chef as a career path.

We aim to unearth some of those professional chefs currently working locally who can be assisted by taking part in this fantastic event and who can go on to being the next star in the industry. 

Being judged by your peers is serious business and whoever is successful will be worthy of the title. So it's a serious competition for serious chefs and we are delighted to partner with Feile to host this event.

We are very grateful that top chef Danny Millar has agreed to lead the team of judges this really places the gravity of the prize as something that will make people sit up and pay attention.

There is also a charitable aspect to the night itself with money raised during the peoples’ choice award being donated.
We would encourage people to come along and be our guests at what will be a superb evenings feast of food and entertainment.

Be our guest in the grand ballroom on the 7th of August for the spectacular live finale of Master*Chef.

For ticket information and enquires please contact hotel reception on 02890301234



Are you a chef with vision and ambition?

This is your opportunity to win a prestigious stage with a top European Chef. Guaranteed to catapult your career to another dimension.

To apply, simple complete the application form below by filling out your name, contact details (email & phone number), where you are currently working as a chef and finally your recipe. (Your own one course summer season main meal that is locally sourced)

Closing date for entries 5th July 2019

Callum Irwin Winner of Professional Master*Chef 2018



The competition will take place between the 15th July and Finishes with grand finale on the Wednesday 7th of August 2019.

The successful 16-quarter finalists will be required to cook a dish on one of these four dates, 16th, 17th , 23rd and 24th of July at the Balmoral Hotel. Individual times to be confirmed with contestant.

The successful 8 semi-finalists will be required to cook their second dish on one of these two dates, 30th of July or 31st of July at the Balmoral Hotel. Individual times to be confirmed with contestants.

The successful 4 finalists will be required to cook their third dish at our Gala Final for our three celebrity judges and for guests in the grand ballroom on the 7th of August.

The winner of our professional Master*Chef will win an a prestigious stage with a top European chef, with travel and accommodation.

Dishes will be identified by an assigned number and written reports submitted by four celebrity food critics to the celebrity judges in the quarter and semi-finals.  Contestants will be required to give their consent to photographs and videos throughout the competition. Given chefs time is precious contestants will be required to prepare their ingredients in advance for quarter and semi-finals. Contestants will be reimbursed within reason for cost of ingredients.

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