Welcome to Speciality Steaks at Stix & Stones 

Here you will find a selection of only the finest and best tasting steaks in the world. Sourced from local farmers, each signature beef is offered in three mouth watering cuts; Ribeye, Sirloin & Tomahawk. 

Starting with the selection process you will learn about the breed and taste profile before making your choice. From there the excitement begins as your dry aged steak is prepared for your visit. Upon arrival at Stix & Stones you will be greeted by the manager and chef who will provide a little more detail on your personally addressed cut. 

Once served you’ll experience a taste sensation which has made these rare steaks world renowned. Take the time to enjoy the full flavour, texture and complexity of your speciality steak, cooked to your liking on our signature hot stone. An experience unlike any other.

Find out more about each of our speciality steaks by downloading our booklet here. 

Begin your speciality steak journey now by calling
028 90 301 234 or email info@stixandstonesbalmoral.co.uk