Fireside at the greenan


The Greenan offers a new fresh and rich menu of pub grub daily which has a great reception. Live Music each weekend, sports during the week and a quiz every Thursday night.


The Greenan Bar is now dog friendly!

Terms & Conditions below:

1.No barking
2.clean up after your dog dogs on the furniture fighting

5.Don’t allow your dog to roam free around the pub or cafe. Keep your dog on a lead and make sure you know what he/she is up to at all times.

6.Not all dogs are good with crowds of people so if it looks like your dog is not enjoying it then just head off and come back another time when it’s a bit quieter.

7.If there is another dog already in then sometimes it’s best to sit at the opposite end of the pub. However, if this has got your dogs interest then you may have to walk over and introduce them respectful of other dogs and other customers food for dogs and human food for humans